Events & Technology: Hologram

Events & Technology: Hologram

You might not have seen it live as yet but you have probably heard about it: the hologram. A three-dimensional image created with photographic projection. The effect can be spectacular at large events. Is this going to become the new trend?


Picture this: your speaker can't appear 'live' at your conference. The solution? Get him to appear as a hologram. It's certainly not new, but a 'speaking' hologram is still pretty impressive. There's one major drawback though: a hologram costs a bundle. Moreover, the impressive effect is probably going to be transient. Remember videoconferencing in the late 90s? It was spectacular in its day, but now no one gives it a second glance.


Yet the hologram is still not completely outdated. The technology is becoming more sophisticated and production costs are decreasing. As a result, holograms are becoming more accessible and may soon become a standard feature in conference and event planning. Keep an eye on developments.


With this 'Events & technology' series we will inform you about the latest technologies that may have a significant impact on the way we organize events in the future. We will provide a brief overview of how these technologies work and what potential benefits they offer. It’s up to you to keep an eye on whether they can do something for your events or your target market.



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