Blunders Wanted!

Blunders Wanted!

No matter how well you prepare your event, sooner or later things have a way of going absolutely pear-shaped. It is these often hilarious blunders that we are looking for. Send your blunders in now (anonymously)!

We've all experienced them at one time or another: the launch of a new car where the car won't fit through the door, Santa Clause entering the wrong hall and stumbling into a top technology industry meeting, printing the wrong date on invitations so that no one shows up on the day... All real disasters with extremely painful consequences just because of one small error or oversight! It's very human and mostly you can have a good laugh about it afterwards, but at the time you feel like curling up under a rock somewhere very far away.

These are the kind of stories that our editors are looking for. You can respond via the comments below this post, or by email. If you prefer to remain anonymous and leave out company names, that's fine. Just mention it in your email. We will present the best stories in a series of articles on



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