Start-Up: EventsTag

Start-Up: EventsTag

What's the buzz on your event on social media? Of course, this is something you want to know and show. EventsTag offers the solution: the (social) media wall.


You can easily deploy the wall and show it on a big screen. All tweets, Facebook shares and comments, Instagram photos, pins and other posts about your event will be displayed in an attractive slideshow. Very easily deployable, in just 5 steps. You can even connect some analytics to it to immediately see the reach of your event and on which social network the buzz around your event is greatest.


After your event is over, you will have a nice online document that you can easily share with your following. This way, you can maintain the interaction with your participants and fans. A very nice tool, this EventsTag. With various rates, depending on the media you wish to include, the number of events, the duration of your presentation, the reporting, etc.


In this series 'Start-Up' we discover starters with an innovative offer which is useful for the event industry.



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